Of all the ideas in the history of ideas, this may be the best idea.

Picture rows of dogs in their kennels, each with a trick-or-treat bucket that you can drop treats into. In fact, why picture it, when we have an actual picture:

The Haven
The Haven

The Haven is currently serving about 60 dogs, 25 cats, and one horse (named Suzy). You are encouraged to bring treats for as many as you like.

As a matter of fact, this is probably how all Trick Or Treats should be done. Why not just line kids up and I walk past them giving them treats instead of waiting for the doorbell to ring?

Okay, but back to the animals. The Haven truly does miracle work, hosting both adoptable and non adoptable pets. As for the latter, some of these pets will spend their entire life at The Haven and all it takes is little things like this to brighten their day.

The Haven is hosting the event this Saturday from ten to five. They'll have a few photo ops and a couple of dogs in costumes, but the real focus is raising treats and toys for the animals.

If you're an animal lover you need to be a part of this. A visit to The Haven is actually a heartwarming experience. Are you "in danger" of falling in love with a pet, well yes, but that's on you because there's no one pushing you to do anything other than spend a little time with these animals.

This is the second year for this event. I hope you and your family will make it part of your Halloween traditions.

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