There is some really poor planning and communication going on here.

Over my Covid-cation I spent tons of times traveling up and down east 19th street. You may not be aware but ALL of the orange barrels and roadblocks are over there. I'm talking a sea of orange. You are constantly by directed to one lane traffic and crossing over is nearly impossible (I really feel sorry for the businesses over there. What is happening is that Tx-Dot is making improvements to 19th street before it's officially turned over to the City Of Lubbock (why it's being turned over, I don't quite understand).

Well, in its infinite wisdom, the City Of Lubbock has decided to do pavement repairs on 34th street from Quaker to the Interstate at this time, essentially causing traffic problems in the same basic area.

Do you see what I'm getting at here? If not, take a look:

Road Repairs

Yes, a whole section, the self-described "Heart Of Lubbock" has some blockages in its main arteries. Usually, these things aren't so bad if they are one at a time because you can just pop over one street, but if you pop over one street now, you could end up in even worse shape.

We just wanted to give you a heads up that there may be a bit of a mess over there, so please take your time and slow down for the road crews. I'm sure the businesses over there would really appreciate you making an effort to visit while these repairs are being made as well. I guess the upside is, that it's good to have some improvements in that part of town.

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