This is the biggest collection of tickets, passes and other pieces of memorabilia I've ever put together.

This collection is so huge that it's presented without explanation, with some blurry photos, weird angles, and other defects. Most of it is self-explanatory and there are some things that I had signed and now I can't remember who signed them. I apologize for not making it more pristine, but that will happen someday.

Today, it's a matter of "are you going to do it or not?" There are about 150+ pieces here and the gallery was so big it kept crashing the program. It's far from a complete history of what's happened here, in fact, most of this cuts off right about when the real nu-metal era started (I covered that stuff some other time).

I hope some of these stubs and items will bring a smile to your face as we experienced many of these shows together.

154 Pieces of 94.5 FMX Memorabilia, Concert Tickets, Passes & More

Backstage Passes & Memorabilia From Lubbock Shows

Concert Tix II

A second gallery of concert ticket stubs

Concert Tix

Here is the first batch of FMX concert tickets that we'll be publishing.

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