You may see the Mayor and council people talking about all the great work they did on the shelter, but it is far from open. It's kind of a smoke and mirrors thing. If you see the reports it looks like they're opening the center, but inside sources say it may be as much as three months before the center is ready to accept it's first animal. City crews were forced to do a rush job on the landscaping to make the center look presentable for the media, but there is much more to be done inside. I'm going to give them props for bringing us a new shelter, I just don't know why they are rushing the "dedication" or "ribbon cutting" or whatever you want to call it. I've never seen somebody cut a ribbon for a business until it was ready to go. Anyways, it looks like it's going to be nice and a much more pleasant place to visit when it finally opens.

Anyways, if you have needs of this sort, you may also want to look into The Haven, a no-kill animal shelter.

One other item I found disconcerting, I heard that there is actually LESS square footage to this building than at the old shelter. Can someone comment on that?

Here's the Google Map for the location.

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