Back in the middle of February, a report was tweeted, and then deleted, claiming Patrick Mahomes banned his brother and fiancee from attending his future games. My initial reaction was that was completely fabricated based on how Mahomes has been with his family in the past.

Mahomes responded to the rumor by saying, "Y'all just be making stuff up these days." followed by some laughing emojis.

Now, I still think the involvement of Brittany Matthews in the banning from games is completely fabricated because much of the reaction to what she's done in the past has been a wild overreaction. Even the champagne dousing from this past year was only on my radar because she tweeted that she wished she could do anything she wanted without backlash.

Public figures and celebrities get backlash for walking their dog wrong; that part of it comes with the territory. For the most part, though, I thought Matthews was the model of what an NFL wife generally is this past offseason, even when making headlines. There's a 0 percent chance that Mahomes would tell Matthews not to attend his football games.

Jackson Mahomes on the other hand might have actually gotten an ultimatum of being sane or stop attending Kansas City Chiefs football games. Maybe.

While Brittany is genuinely exuberant during games, she's generally making it about the game itself. The younger Mahomes seemingly is only trying to build his personal brand at the expense of his brother's reputation.

There was the Sean Taylor incident, the forceful kiss, and the bull riding from Jackson Mahomes...and that's just from the final stretch of this season. Jackson's been public enemy number one for several seasons now, ranging from his TikToks to trying to blast local bars on social media for not immediately bending to his requests and even allegedly scamming a small business on the internet.

Matthews seems like a celebrity by association, but I don't think she's actively trying to be a celebrity, which is the major difference between her and Mahomes' younger brother.

In late February, Jackson Mahomes was noticeably absent from his brother's bachelor party in Las Vegas. Maybe baby brother had other plans? It sure didn't seem like it. After the bachelor party, there were Instagram stories from Jackson Mahomes that featured captions like "I hate media/news it’s destroying my life…" and "broken/sad/disrespected"

On March 1st, the family celebrated Patrick and Brittany's daughter's first birthday and Jackson posted photos from the party on Instagram with the caption, "In the end the only person you can count on, is yourself."

It was one of three posts from the birthday party with one of the posts featuring Jackson Mahomes with Brittany, Patrick, baby Sterling, and mom Randi in several photos.

That's all after an announcement on Twitter that he was moving to Los Angeles after living in Kansas City for the last several years.

I obviously don't know what's going on behind closed doors, but if I'm just looking at this situation from the way outside looking in, it's pretty obvious to me that Patrick is, at the very least, in a difficult position.

Going from the media darling in 2018 to being a villain in the 2022 playoffs because of his brother couldn't have sat well with Mahomes' PR team. If Mahomes didn't have a stern conversation with his brother about straightening up, then I truly believe that someone outside of Patrick's entourage did. Maybe it was his agent Leigh Steinberg or whomever handles his endorsement deals.

I'm not saying that Jackson is ruining Mahomes ability to make money outside of football, but he's certainly affected Mahomes' brand in the last year and has become, at the very least, an unneeded distraction.

I won't be surprised to see Jackson at games next year, but this situation isn't as clear-cut as Mahomes made it back in February.

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