The most recent Patrick Mahomes family drama stems from a major rumor that was spread on Twitter last week.

The rumor claimed that Mahomes had a sit down with fiancée Brittany Matthews, along with his brother Jackson Mahomes, about them supposedly being a distraction and bad for his brand. The alleged solution that was discussed was for them to no longer attend any Kansas City Chiefs games during the next season.

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I first saw this rumor pop up on Twitter as a "hot take" from former NFL player, Rich Ohrnberger. He now works as a sports radio host and football analyst in San Diego, California. The rumor quickly spread among those who hate Mahomes' family and gained a lot of attention on Twitter, with nearly 1,000 retweets and 2,000 likes less than 30 minutes after Ohrnberger tweeted it out. Barstool Sports even picked up the rumor, spreading it even further.

After the serious accusation that Mahomes was effectively banning his own fiancee and brother from supporting him at his games, the former Texas Tech QB quickly responded to the rumors. He tweeted, saying, "y'all just be making stuff up these days" as an attempt to shut down the quickly-spreading rumor.

Mahomes' tweet did a good job shutting down the rumor, but his mom, Randi Mahomes, took it one step further by using a popular Kanye West meme to shut down the rumor and call out Barstool Sports for picking on her family.

I think it’s awesome that Mrs. Mahomes made that tweet and so skillfully used a popular meme like that. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to see your loved ones getting torn down on the daily because some randos on the internet decide that they hate your family. Mama Bear Mode was definitely triggered, and she went for the kill to protect her family. Way to go, mama -- keep up the great work.

After the issue was shut down by Mahomes and his mom, it looks like Ohrnberger deleted his original tweet. He must have recognized he was in the wrong for spreading something that just wasn't true.

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