It drives me crazy that people get freaked out when the National Guard is called out.

The National Guard is citizen soldiers trained to help in times of emergency. They are here to help victims in times of disaster from natural and unnatural disasters (from tornados to bombings might be a better way to describe that).

With police about to be stretched thin, the National Guard is needed to help and keep the peace. Police are staffed for a normal day to day workload in Lubbock, so when you add the need for something like security for testing in a line, the National Guard steps in.

The National Guard are your friends and neighbors, they are not the boogeymen in fatigues. I realize that to a portion of the uneducated population this kind of mobilization is scary, but these men and women deserve our respect for uprooting their own lives to help out.

Texas State Governor Abbott has recently mobilized some National Guard units, you can find out more about that here


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