I cannot say enough good things about this.

The old Lubbock Farmer's Market was located on 19th and Buddy Holly. It had lots of adjacent parking and a wonderful vibe. People could easily see what was being made available and easily get it back to their cars. Really the only complaints I could see about the old location is the (at times) hot asphalt and the smell of old beer and the day-after awkwardness that clubs emit. Those things were a small price to pay for the location, but yes, they were present.

The new location at 5th and Avenue J elevates things in such a huge way that it's hard to believe. The location is actually nice, cooler, and refreshing. The vendors are located amongst the gardens and picnic tables in the area. Just being able to take a minute at a table to check out your purchases or enjoy the food you bought helps immensely. Walking around the planters and greenery somehow makes everything seem more relaxed. It's almost night and day compared to the old location, and we never really thought there was much wrong with the old location.

So what can you get there? The variety of items offered will surprise you. You'll find produce, flowers, clothes, jewelry, crafts, and a bunch of food options. It really is more than you think it will be.

I am the world's worst picture taker but I hope I can give you a little sense of the vibe you'll find at the Lubbock Downtown Farmer's Market.  Better yet you can visit every Saturday between nine and one, again at 5th and J.


Lubbock Downtown Farmer's Market

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