They put out a call on "how to improve the Red Raiders Game Day Experience." Well, I'm picking up the phone.

As Forrest Gump would say, "I am not a smart man"....but I know how to improve the football experience, the United Supermarkets Arena experience, and the student experience. I can make visiting Texas Tech something I've avoided for decades (but still had to do) into something that could turn the campus, The Jones and more into a real destination for anything.

Figure out your parking, Texas Tech.

Just, figure it out. You have an engineering school, yet you can't seem to calculate the number of spaces you need to make visiting a pleasant experience. Paid parking is fine, too. I'll chip in to not have to sweat finding a space.

I just don't think any more than that is required. I love the gameday feel, the smokers smokin' and the energy and enthusiasm in the air. I like seeing the people dressed up in their (sometimes silly) Texas Tech clothes and facepaint/decals. I really like everything about it...except actually going.

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