Are you broke as a joke? Tell me about it. Summer can be rough. You're stuck at home with the kids. The A/C is on the fritz. Someone drank the last can of Sprite. You can't afford the vacation you planned on. Sucks.

If you're sitting around watching the summer pass you by and living vicariously through your rich friend's posts on Facebook, I get it. It happens to us all. But, I've got a few ideas that might make the summer a little more bearable.

Take a look at the gallery below for a few giggles.

7 Ways to Enjoy Summer in Lubbock When You're Broke AF

Just a couple of suggestions. FYI, some might get you arrested...

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Hope you got a kick out of that. Do you have any other suggestions to add to the poor man's guide for summer in Lubbock, Texas? Let me know in a comment below this article, wherever you see it, and keep scrolling for more silly fun in the galleries below...

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