The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is most certainly Buc-ee's. No question.

Many of my cool friends moved away from Lubbock as soon as they turned 18. It's like they couldn't get away from here fast enough. Is it because Lubbock is kinda lame? Or it is because we don't have a Buc-ee's?

I'm gonna go with both...

Buc-ee's is the greatest convenience store known to mankind and for some reason, Lubbock still doesn't have one. Why? Why must we suffer?

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I know you can order a ton of their products online, but a chopped BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich and other favorites just can't be mailed. Sausage on a stick simply does not ship well. (Try not to concern yourself with how I might know this.)

Aside from not being able to enjoy all of the food and merchandise available at Buc-ee's, we are also missing out on the cleanest convenience store bathrooms in the world. There is nothing like stopping for a quick potty at Buc-ee's on a road trip. There is never a line because there are a million stalls AND they are super private. Nobody can spot you through the crack between the door and the stall. Amazing.

Buc-ee's is seriously the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have no doubt. I took a friend visiting from Finland to a Buc-ee's once and she spent over $400 on gifts for her family back home. It was serious business. She was in awe.

When is it Lubbock's turn to have the gold? I can think of a few empty lots CLOSE TO MY HOUSE that would make a great spot for a new location. What gives, Buc-ee's? What do we have to do to get you here?

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