You're probably not even going to flinch at these prices now.

In August of 2003 racking up a $589 catering bill was a thing. I have to admit I was in severe sticker shock, even though I didn't have to pay for my tickets, the press box, or my ride to the show. $40 seemed high for a whole case of beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels for $55, and we howled about that. $5 for honey mustard, damn, those people are getting rich off of me!  It's also kind of funny that I believe the room had a $300 minimum, but we went slightly oopsy when ordering.

Even with all of this, it was not enough for the hard-core Lubbock contingent. Fortunately for us, there were a bunch of poseurs in the press boxes around us. After Metallica had played a couple of songs we went into full pirate mode and went and stole (or used, whatever you like) all of the booze that those people left behind. We pretty much went blind from drinking that night and much of it is a blur.

So what was the "real" cost of seeing Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Deftones & Mudvayne in one show?  A terrible hangover and muscle aches that lasted for over a week (I am not kidding, heavy, heavy alcohol binging gets WAY down in your bones).

I am amazed that someone didn't die on that trip. I am also amazed that there are several moments that are amazingly crystal clear to me. I can call up Metallica doing Fuel and Linkin Park doing "Faint" as if were yesterday. I remember Bizkit did not have Wes Borland, and instead had Mike Smith on guitar. I remember Chino on stage and I remember Mudvayne setting the bar really, really high.

Metallica In Lubbock

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