I love me some Diet Coke!  I don't drink coffee and I use it for a tasty caffeine boost in the morning in afternoon.  The formula is now changing (and expanding) and that has some folks worried.

Coca-Cola via Facebook
Coca-Cola via Facebook

New Diet Coke will be available in regular, Ginger-Lime, Zesty Blood-Orange, Twisted Mango, and Fiesty Cherry.  My guess is the time-tested taste of cherry + Coke will be the biggest winner of the bunch.

Some people are concerned that Diet Coke will be using a new sweetener, that is only true for the new flavors. The Diet Coke you're used to is going to be the exact stuff you're drinking now, with one exception: the new can.

The new Diet Coke can is going to be taller and slimmer. I actually like the idea because that should make it a little grippier, but there's one problem; how will it fit in your drink holders?  So there's your money making idea right there, someone is going to need to make an insert for cup holders so the cans don't roll around inside of them. There's also a few of us who already have our refrigerator shelves set to traditional can size. Other than that, I'm ready to try some new flavors of Diet Coke.

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