By now, hopefully you know about The Ride For Change, which is kicking off September 14th.

In short, I'll be riding my Harley-Davidson around Texas, and Lawton Oklahoma, while raising awareness and funds for minority scholarships we are setting up in each town.

There are many reasons as to why bikers wear vests, from protection to core coverage to 'signage'. Some of that signage shows a biker's affiliation to a certain motorcycle club and some merely displays a wide variety of patches that are near and dear to the biker's heart.

In my case, the signage on my vest represents The Ride for Change.

After Awesome Bad Clothing Company designed the beautiful logo, we knew there was only one person we had to take the vest to to get the patchwork done - Stephanie at Embroider Lab Sewing Company.

You've probably seen her incredible work on the vests of motorcycle clubs around town as well as businesses, like Lara's Services Group.

I knew we'd be getting quality work, but when I saw the finished product, it nearly brought me to tears. Had it not been for all the caffeine I had earlier in the day, I probably would have cried.

Here's a close-up of the vest:


Needless to say, if you need any form of embroidery work, the only place I recommend is Embroider Lab Sewing Company. Stephanie, thank you so much.

The following is our tentative schedule for The Ride for Change:

  • September 11th: Abilene to San Angelo (soft launch of the ride)
  • September 14th: Abilene to Lubbock
  • September 15th: Lubbock to Amarillo
  • September 16th: Amarillo to Lawton & Wichita Falls
  • September 17th: Wichita Falls to Texarkana
  • September 18th: Texarkana to Tyler/Lufkin
  • September 19th: Tyler to Temple/Killeen
  • September 20th & 21st: Days Off
  • September 22nd: Bay City to Victoria then to Junction
  • September 23rd: Junction to Midland
  • September 24th: Midland to Abilene

As mentioned above, these dates are tentative. The only dates that might flex are the 23rd and 24th as we may stay an extra day on the road.

During the ride, make sure you tune in to your favorite Townsquare Media radio station for daily updates about the ride.

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