The RockShow asked 94.5 FMX listeners to give an example of something that is immoral but not illegal, and we were not disappointed with the overwhelming response.

Some of you guys are downright hilarious, and others are complete psychopaths. We enjoyed the mix of both.

A few of your answers were featured this morning on-air, but there were so many great responses that we felt it necessary to share more of them with the world, so here you go guys.

What is something that's not illegal, but is immoral?

"Farting in an elevator." - A.J. B.

"Glitter PERIOD." - Cheyanne Beyer

"Lawyers." - Jj H.

"Public bathrooms, please don't poop next to me. I have anxiety." - Alyk S.

"Eating fish in the break room." - Adrienne J.

"Microwaving tortillas." - Morgan V.

"Putting the milk before the cereal." - Dustin R.

"Calling Taco Bell a Mexican restaurant." - Jessica A.

"Putting ketchup on tamales." - Princess H.

"Calling a child an a**hole." - Madison V.

"Taking free cologne samples without the intention to buy the cologne." - Sergio O.

"Taking two candy bars when the bowl says take one." - Jj H.

"Pineapple on pizza. Not illegal, but highly immoral." - K.P.

My co-host Wes Nessman thinks having a Facebook page but no profile picture is a great example of something immoral, but not illegal. I think they should outlaw wet willies. Those aren't illegal, but holy crap are they immoral. Keep your spitty fingers away from my ears, you heathen!

Thanks for all of your great responses, and don't forget to tune into The RockShow weekday mornings 5 to 9 a.m. on 94.5 FMX, or stream it live from our app for a chance to hear some of your polling answers on-air.

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