We put together the RockShow with some simple ideas.  We wanted to get rock music back into mornings.  We figured we could do that by cutting out all of the fluff and repeats that other shows rely on.  We thought, let's do it once, then put it to bed.  It's been a pretty successful idea.  After a while the show was syndicated to Wichita Falls and to Abilene.  Doing this kind of thing has a lot of ups and downs.  More after the jump.


When you do stuff that has to be in three towns, you have 'three masters" and you have to keep things a little generic so that people know what you're talking about.  Worst of all, the time it takes to do three morning shows has kept us from doing some of the stuff we love-visiting with listeners, playing games, playing requests and getting out and broadcasting around town (there's technical issues).

Well in a move that some people might think is a little crazy, we told the other towns it's time for them to find another morning show.  We made some amazing fans in those town and we hope they'll check in with us on Radio Pup, or on the stations streaming page.,  but we want to focus on Lubbock.

We're going to switch around a few things on the show, and we want to kick the Saturday 'encore' show to the curb (it wasn't our idea and we were never truly comfortable with it..we still believe in 'one in done' when it comes to bits). We'll also collapse the RockShow Facebook page and start posting all of our stuff on the FMX Page (as you can see, we had to do all kinds of little things to accommodate three towns).

So why put all of this into a blog?  Simple. We want you to know that it's going to be easier to call us for your birthdays, requests and traffic.  We want you to know we're going to be talking more about Lubbock things (not more talking, but more about what's happening here) and we're going to be out and about around town and we just may put a finger in your butt.


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