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Thw RockShow has recently been discussing the power outages and hot temperatures. After reading a recent article from KCBD we decided to reach out to LP&L spokesperson, Matt Rose, to ask what is going on with the locally owned electric company.

Essentially what we were told was that much like a vehicle or a home needs maintenance after damaging events the power system is much the same.

During storm and other extreme events damage may occur to certain mechanics within the system. Problems are often not found until larger demand is placed on the electric grid such as when temperatures outside are 100°+ and so many residents are using electricity for air conditioning.

It’s not that LP&L does not make enough power during these hotter months or peak usage it’s that strain within the system will cause outages in certain areas.

Advanced metering allows LP&L to be made aware of and respond to outages rapidly because of the technology which no longer relies on people to call and notify the company of an outage.

Listen to the interview with The RockShow and Lubbock Power & Light:

Thank you to Matt Rose for taking the time to chat with us so early in the morning about such an important and complex topic.

He was a great sport about letting us jab at him a bit off air and we look forward to having him on The RockShow again in the future.

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