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This week on The RockShow, Wes and I had a guest on the show who is a comedian... No, it wasn't one of the Laugh Hub City guys, who we always enjoy having on early in the morning to help wake up our audience with some blood pumping laughter.

Instead of a local comedian, the show featured Greg Warren to discuss his recently released Amazon special, "Where The Field Corn Grows".

Warren shared with us that the inspiration for this special came during a trip to an agricultural state when he was educated by the locals about all things that grow out of the ground... Well, almost all things.

Most interviews we conduct in the early morning hours are with people, comedians, or otherwise and it's typical for us to hear the tired voices of many, but with Greg, there was nothing tired in his voice. In fact, he may have been having a little too much fun, which is the way we like it when we have a guest on the show.

One of the favorite moments I enjoyed during the interview is when Greg explained how he learned the difference between sweet corn and field corn. Admittedly, Wes and I had absolutely no clue that there was a difference since corn grows... in a field.

Listen to the full interview here and be sure to check out Greg Warren and his new Amazon special, "Where the Field Corn Grows".

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