How about an "Extreme Cash Blast"?  Yep, you're shot at part of FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.  Holy guacamole!  That's some serious loot.  We'll give you chances to score free scratch offs every weekday mornings at either 7:05 or 8:05.  Details on how to win after the jump.

Here's how were' going to play.  We're going to start a song playing off air when we go into a break.  At some point, Heathen will say "GO", at that point we'll play a blast of the song.  We have not idea if it's going to be an easy or hard part of the song to identify.  Just be listening for your chance to win!  We'll be using new songs, old songs, pretty much whatever we were going to play anyway, that way everybody has a chance to win.


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