What could possibly go wrong with a bunch of people barhopping as Santa?

The Santa Rampage is happening on December 3rd and it's likely these people will cause chaos and burn Lubbock to the ground, dancing on the ruins while singing Jingle Bells.

Actually, the Santa Rampage is a group that dresses up in all kinds of holiday costumes like Santa, reindeer, snowmen, or whatever and pop in place to place as a group for shenanigans.  While I'm certain a member or two might enjoy some spirits, it sure seems to be more about just having fun and being silly.

The group will land at the first Friday Art Trail around six and hang around until about nine before landing at Raiders Axe for "Reindeer Games".  This is the seventh year of the event and you can ask to join their group here.

I have one major beef with this group and that's, where the heck is Krampus?. Krampusnaucht is actually December 5th and I see no mentions of Krampus whatsoever. Are you guys afraid of being naughty around Krampus? Do you think you might be whipped, or dragged down into the Krampus lair to be eaten feet first? How can you possibly go out wildin' for Christmas and forget about Krampus?

With our without Krampus, if you visit First Friday Art Trail and see this group, now you'll know what's going on. I'm sure they'd love to have you at the after-party as well. Go get your bells jingled at the Santa Rampage.

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