This story is vile, degrading and disgusting. I'm warning you right now. Turn back unless you have a strong stomach.

This story was told to me by Blackie Lawless of the metal band W.A.S.P.  I don't know why he told me, but he told me like he was an excited little girl who was going to burst if he didn't tell someone about his secret fun time.

It was told to me on the same visit pictured below. It's a strong R or even X-rated story. I'm warning you again: Don't watch the video unless you want to get grossed out a little bit.

Nessmania Dale Dudley (KLBJ) Blackie Lawless & Wes Nessman
Dale Dudley (KLBJ), Blackie Lawless & Wes Nessman  (Photo Credit: Nessmania)

I would also like to relate that I am only telling you about the hijinx; don't get mad at me for the encounter itself.


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