FMX just got our freebies for the upcoming Din Production shows, and we are impressed.

So what's the one thing that nearly everyone collects? That would be concert tickets. I don't know anybody who doesn't have a scrapbook or at least a pile of rubber-banded tickets.

For the longest time, tickets were printed as cheaply as possible. Then, all types of anti-counterfeit measures had to be put into place. These measures drove the price of tickets back up, leading to safer, but less interesting-looking tickets. Now, Din Productions has introduced tickets that will really make your collection really pop.

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These new tickets seem to have all the safety of a numbered tickets, but have cool colors, graphics and multiple cool fonts. It may seem silly, but these tickets get me excited about shows all over again.

Thinking back over my collection of tickets, I think the only one that seems special at all is the Metallica Summer Sanitarium ticket because it was a bit oversized and used that cool Metallica font. Other than that one ticket, I don't remember anything special about the thousands of ticket stubs I've had.

The tickets pictured above are apparently being used for the Dirty Honey's California Dreaming tour this Saturday, June 5th at Jake's Backroom (win freebies now with the FMX Ticketmonster), the Safe Space Tour starring Smile Empty Soul on August 11th,  Powerman 5000's Back From the Dead Tour on September 17th at Jake's, and the 39th Annual FMX Birthday Bash, part of the In-Between Tour with In This Moment, Black Veil Brides and more at the Lone Star Amphitheater on September 24th.

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