Valentine's is a strange holiday that seems to be in transition.

If someone asked you to describe Valentines you might say "hearts, flowers, chocolates, and roses". Well, when you have kids, or you want to just say something different, there are all kinds of things out there for you. Sometimes it's hard to believe that some of this weird stuff sells, but apparently, it does.  Here's a few selections for ya.

  • 1

    You Don't Know The Horrors This Bear Has Seen

  • 2

    Sometimes You Just Have To Tell Your True Love, "Here's A Poop That Poops"

  • 3

    I Don't Know What All This Is About, But I'm Sure It Ends With You Strapped To A Tree Squealing Like A Pig

  • 4

    The Face Says "I Love You", But The Nose Says, "I Do Cocaine"

  • 5

    True Fact, Only 65% Of These End Up In Mouths, The Other 35% Go Somewhere We Don't Talk About