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This list has just one bright spot in it.

I don't know what got me on the topic, but I thought I'd search for the top shows filmed in Lubbock, Texas. This took me to an IMDB page that actually shows the television shows and movies filmed in our area.

Taking the top spot is a version of On the Road from 2012 that featured Kristen Stewart in a supporting role. The movie made less than $1 million dollars in TOTAL.

At number two is the documentary/comedy film on the Wild West Comedy Show that Vince Vaughn brought to town in 2006.

Number three is a movie called Mackintosh and T.J. from 1973 starring Roy Rogers. The movie's storyline is about a millionaire cowboy day that marries a gold-digger and the adult son starts digging on the mom. (Sounds pretty Porn Hub-esque, right?)

At number four is our friends with The Car Chasers. The gang from Flat 12 on 34th Street featured plenty of Lubbock footage in between their trips to score really cool cars. To this day, the gang maintains strong Lubbock connections and kicks it on the road for Pennzoil. They can also be heard (with former RockShow host Ethan, AKA The Heathen) on the syndicated Skidmarks Show Podcast.

Number five is a movie called Blood Vow/Gemaphobia, which was made in 2018. The movie was supposedly filmed mostly in Lubbock. Interestingly enough, the filmmaker has a second movie on the "filmed in Lubbock" list called "The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie" from 2016.

This video is more like a wacky hijinks thing, but the lady in the catsuit deserves an award for her strutting skills.

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