When I was a kid, say 14-16, I did three things, skateboard, play pinball and pool. I had three custom pool cues, one of which was a walking stick that I could knock the snot out of people with if they gave me trouble.  Me and my friends skateboarded to the pool hall (where the pinball machines were) and we would hang out all day.

So, this "tool" could really help your game along, if you can remember the paths it shows you. It pretty much lays out where you need to hit everything. The diamonds on the table are there for a reason, but sometimes it's still hard to visualize the angles. This light pretty much takes the guesswork away.  I think if you hit the soft green enough with this, you could hit almost expert level in no time. Rooster and I looked at this over and over and it's our guess that the device hangs over a standard pool table.  Check it out:

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