A U.T. defensive end/linebacker stated that he "intended to injure" Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.  The only thing that really needs to be said is "bring it". Other than that, I don't think the kid said anything wrong at all.

Texas Tech v TCU
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Here's the problem with the wussification of America.  Stuff like this gets rolled up with issues that need genuine concern. For the intellectually challenged, let's spell this out. It's not right to put down an affected group, like gays or minorities, but it is perfectly acceptable and "part of the game" to trash talk before a game.  It's part of the game. It's football. It's not gentle. This is football of the particular "smashmouth" variety. To be even more honest, this is the type of killer instinct we need at Texas Tech.

This player, Breckyn Hager is not going to be carrying a club on the field. He's not going to bite Mahomes. He's not going to twist toes or use elaborate wrestling moves. He is going to lineup on the field with the intention of knocking the snot out of our quarterback and everybody who gets in his way. In my book, that's football.

I don't know this U.T. player, but good on him for keeping tradition alive.  Like most sane individuals, I know this player doesn't hope to cripple Mahomes or ruin his career. He wants to put him out of the game, and if Texas Tech doesn't want to put their quarterback out of the game, then we need a whole new defense.  If you don't feel the same way, then maybe you should switch over and watch a video game league.

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