I'll say it louder for those in the back: There are zero, zilch, nada, NO apartments, duplexes, condos or homes in Lubbock, Texas worth surrendering or euthanizing your pet over.

I recently was apartment/house hunting, and kept finding, over and over, "sorry, no pets," "no aggressive breeds" (whatever that means) and "small dogs only" -- or completely outrageous pet fees, deposits, and pet rent.

One property manager I spoke to even suggested I "get rid" of my dog, because if they allowed me to keep mine, it would be unfair to their other tenants who had to put their dogs down. Like more dead dogs makes things fair? WTF?

Not a single one of these places was worth giving up my 40-pound Basenji mix. She is my best friend, my cuddle buddy, my guardian, my absolute love. Since I found her chilling in a pawn store parking lot, she's been my punk rock partner.

My BFF Moops
My BFF, Moops

And guess what, I found the perfect place. It has everything that I want, and allowed me to keep my dog for a modest and fair pet deposit that I'll be able to get back because my dog is an angel baby.

If you keep finding places you can't take your friend to, keep looking. These landlords will realize that no one is renting, and hopefully decide to be more open-minded and less greedy.

Just in case I'm not abundantly clear about how I feel, here's a fun meme to explain it:


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