There's one point I want to make on this topic, then I'm checking out.

I don't know anything about Alec Baldwin really.  All I know is what you know. Apparently, he can be a jerk. He's obviously very funny. He seems to take his work seriously.

I also do not know about the incident in which a person was killed. Apparently, he was practicing drawing a gun and pointing it at the camera. That's where I want to go full stop.

Having an actor point a gun directly at a camera has been done in what seems like hundreds of movies. It's such a regular thing that you don't really think about it too much. Let's expand that and it's been done dozens and dozens of times on album covers and probably tens of thousands of times in profile pics.

So, the clutch-my-pearls question of "what was he doing pointing a gun at a person anyways?" doesn't really hold any water. He was pointing it at the camera to get it filmed pointing at the camera. That's all. Whether he was doing it recklessly or irresponsibly is a whole other question, but he was pointing it at the camera because it's a familiar movie trope, one that you've seen at least a dozen times.

Check out the results when you Google "Man Pointing Gun At Camera"


Yup that number is 44 MILLION plus. Also, keep in mind that's just "man" pointing a gun at the camera in the search. I could have used person, thief, actor, rapper, rock star, or whatever.

Who knows what happened that day on the movie set? We'll leave that to authorities to find out, but asking the question, "what was he doing pointing a gun that way anyways?" is either a bogus question or a question that should have been asked in the millions and millions of times that it's been done on film and in pictures.

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