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You can mark this week down as the one where Lubbock truly went over the edge.

I don't even know what to say to people now because they aren't listening. Keep in mind these two facts.

Neither of these things are up for debate. It's not 'the same as the flu,' 'fake news' or any other politically-motivated hot garbage that you want to spew. It's real, and it's happening here. Please, by all means, take a drive by a hospital and see for yourself.

I'm sure the science deniers will shout "pre-existing conditions" or whatever trash they spelunk from an article written by a basement blogger, but as Dave Chappelle says, "coronavirus gonna eat," and it is absolutely feasting on some unfortunate people in Lubbock.

As I write this, the City of Lubbock's COVID-19 dashboard sits at 253 people dead. In 2018, the total number of people who died from the flu in Lubbock was 34. Here we go, one more time... 254 > 34.

All we have to do to stop or slow this is to pause. Plan your parties and get-togethers for next year. Really think about those occasions where you currently think, 'I might not get another chance,' because you really might not get another chance if you don't start thinking about what you're doing.

Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Social distance. Do it for Lubbock, and do it for your own family.

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