I'm on my second cheap record player and it's been awesome.

There is something about vinyl that is warm and demanding of your intention. Not only does an album side bring you the music, but there is something about it as a unit of time that is also cool. Throw on an album side and you've got about 15-20 minutes to match up against a workout, a cleaning project, or just time to clear your mind. Since no one really wants to pick up a needle mid-record, I almost always stick with whatever I planned to do while that side is playing. If I want to continue what I'm doing, then it's on to side two.

Now, in the old days, we gravitated towards better and better record players and I'm telling you that the process is almost lost when you go that direction. Get yourself a cheap all in one unit (many also have c.d. and cassette).  Ralph carries some of these but I can recommend anything by Crossley or Victrola. Once you get the record player, grab a couple of your favorite l.p.s from the used rack, and/or some of the new MUCH HEAVIER vinyl pressings that are available these days.

I promise you, a new record player and a couple of discs will reignite your love and support of music.

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