Only one man has more TV shows than Guy Fieri, and that's Gordon Bleepin' Ramsay.

And now, the Scottish Swearing Machine finally has a connection to The Greatest City In West Texas thanks to a Lubbock-based chef competing on Ramsay's newest TV cooking show.

Lubbock chef and caterer Angie Ragan, who is the force behind Salt by Angie, is one of the contestants on Next Level Chef, which debuted Sunday night on FOX. The premise is that there are three unique kitchens on a three-level tower, each varying in equipment and supplies, as chefs try to impress Ramsay and his fellow judges in order to win a $250,000 grand prize.

In all honesty, when I saw the premise I figured that if you lost, Gordon Ramsay would push you off the top of the tower as a coup de grace after screaming obscenities at you. So far, no dice.

In her first appearance on the show, Angie did Lubbock proud, impressing Ramsay and his compatriots with an amazing lamb and kale dish that will be featured in a pop-up dinner as described in the LBK Foodies Facebook Group.

Screenshot-Tracy Cole/LBK Foodies Facebook
Screenshot: Tracy Cole/LBK Foodies via Facebook

Ragan's next appearance on Next Level Chef will be Wednesday night (January 5th) on FOX. However, if you want to experience her expertise personally, that can be arranged. As Ragan describes on her own Facebook page:

I’d love to bring luxury and a bit of “old school” service to your next private event. I will design a customized experience for your next dinner party. Nothing is as relaxing as being served great food and getting to simply enjoy great company!!

I'm not going to lie: I hate kale. Kale is evil. I'm even thinking about selling bumper stickers that state that fact. That said, looking at that dish, I would destroy all the lamb and kale on that plate. All. Day. Long.

Let's keep cheering Angie on in hopes that she brings some Lubbock love to Gordon Ramsay, et al. Maybe he can come here soon and enjoy some REAL barbecue and Texas cuisine.

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