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The professional football season has officially started, and college season is just around the corner. Living in Texas and being in a college town means that you’re not just watching every Sunday game, but you’re also spending your weekends tailgating on campus before every home game.

Tailgating in Texas goes to a whole other level, and anyone that’s been to a Texas Tech game knows what I’m talking about. Every parking lot on campus is cleared for tailgaters to set up, and many chose to just watch the game from their trailer outside the stadium rather than going in. You have grills blazing, speakers blaring, and most importantly, cold drinks being passed around.

One of the biggest downers during the start of the season is hanging out all day in the heat, and being stuck with a warm beer if you don’t down it in just a few minutes. That’s why it’s so important to have a great koozie to keep your drink nice and cold.

The only issue with using the typical stretchy koozies is that they aren’t always as reliable or effective as you’d like. So, you buy those fancy metal ones that are really great at keeping your can cold, but what do you do if you want to drink something that doesn't come in a standard 12 ounce can? Most people end up buying several different types of koozies to fit each type of drink, or they just limit themselves to what fits in the one they already own.

That’s a problem that Frost Buddy aimed to fix with their Original Universal Can Cooler. This koozie is specially designed to fit most every can and bottle inside while keeping your drink nice and cold. Everything from Coke cans, Redbull cans, Monster cans, beer bottles, and water bottles can all fit in just one of their Universal Coolers.

There are a few exceptions to very specific bottle shapes that don’t fit, like Modelo bottles. However, Frost Buddy made sure to make a specialized cooler just for Modelo since it was such a niche issue. They also recently discovered that some uniquely shaped soda bottles, like Sunkist, won’t fit in their Universal Cooler. Now that they recognize those types of bottles won’t fit, they can take it into consideration and make changes to their design if they feel like it’s necessary.

Show up to your next tailgate with one of these universal koozies and you’ll be the talk of the town. You can find more information as well as demonstrations of the product in use on the brand’s TikTok and official website.

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