I did not sleep particularly well last night. I was worried about random, stupid things and it affected my dreams. Today my eyes are a little puffy, and my brain a little delirious. Waking up frequently, I finally "called" it an hour before I would normally wake up- I took a shower, brushed my hair out, and put on a full face of makeup. Deserves a trophy, right? I know it's not much, but with mental illness, it can be... a lot.

This morning to commemorate actually wearing foundation, I snapped a quick photo in my studio and threw it up on my Facebook. What happened next is that I got a roasting of a lifetime.

A compliments roast!

From "I love your glasses" to "You look fabulous" it made my day. And turned around weeks of me feeling like a sentient dirty dishrag.

There's a great group on Facebook that I really love A Group Where We Violently Roast You But With Compliments, which gives you the opportunity to reign blows of compliments on total strangers. Or you can post a picture and take some "punishment." It's wonderful.

I have no idea what it was about this picture that made so many of my friends decide to say such wonderfully kind things- maybe because I wished them all a good morning, maybe it's that shade of Barbie pink lipstick. But they did and it made a huge impact on me. I feel good about being Renee for the first time in a long time.

So today I'm challenging you to relentlessly tear into your friends with compliments. Whether it's a photo of their face or a picture of their hobby or work, be ruthless. Dish out the nicest words you've got. You might turn the tide of weeks of sorrow for that person.

We deserve love. Luckily it's free to give and usually reciprocal. Spend it freely and reap the wealth of happiness.


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