So, we know the skinny; Tommy Tuberville aka "the tool"  is gone leaving an opportunity for Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt to make a huge decision that basically decides the next couple of years, if not more.

So what happens now?

Let's see, we have a multitude of candidate who fit the bill, however, I doubt the ones that make the most sense will be hired (That's Texas Tech's fashion).

The people want Kliff Kingsbury. It makes way too much sense to not even give this guy a chance. He's been a leader of two top-tier offenses, he played here, and he coaches the most recent Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel. Sadly, I have a feeling the good ol' boys won't agree.

Other names that make some sense include Josh Heupel of Oklahoma, simply because he can generate a huge offensive output, or Chad Morris of Clemson because he also can, plus he's Lake Travis' old coach, the same guy that coached Michael Brewer, the quarterback slotted to be the starter for Tech next year. Phillip Montgomery, Baylor's Offensive Coordinator, is a possibility, and who knows? What about Ruffin McNeil?

One thing is for certain: the Red Raiders need a winner. Someone fresh, new, young, and smart. Someone with an offensive mind who desires to ACTUALLY air it out.

We'll certainly see what happens, but my favorite replacement is also Kliff Kingsbury.

Please give "the tool" the double middle finger salute as you check out the video...