My dad always calls me to brag when he gets a great deal on gasoline, so I thought I'd share some of his recent tips with you guys. Whether you're driving a truck or a small car, we can all stand to save a few dollars on gas. Here are some ways you can save big money in the Hub City.

If you're a Rewards member at United Supermarkets, you can save a ton of money filling up your tank at their United Express gas stations. Every reward you get for making $100 worth of purchases at any United, Market Street or Amigos location will save you 10 cents off of each gallon of gas you purchase, up to 25 gallons. The rewards from United add up really fast, and if you have just been holding onto them you may want to check your balance and see just how many you have.


Circle K opened recently in Lubbock, and if you enroll as a member (for free) you will receive 30 cents off of every gallon you buy on your first purchase. After that, you will get 10 cents off each gallon you purchase at Circle K just for being a member. That's a fantastic deal.

You can download the UpSide app on your phone and actually earn real cash back each time you buy gas. They deposit the money straight into your PayPal account, which is kind of awesome. I have a few friends that drive for Uber that totally love this app. I've also got it myself and I've made about 20 dollars using it.

If you aren't a rewards member at whatever place you typically fill up you might be losing a bunch of money, so make sure you ask them at the counter next time you fill-up the tank. Good luck saving money out there!

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