There's some pretty cool new music out there and I want to make sure it's on your radar.

So what do I have for you today? A goofy rocker, a cool alternative groove and some straight up metal from an established act. So, let's go!

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    Royal Republic

    The guys in Royal Republic take the goofy right up to the edge, but still keep it in check enough to rock. This is the song that all my friends are talking about. What is really amazing to me is, as a guy that has a Monster Magnet tattoo, I didn't catch how much this singers voice sounds like Dave Wyndorf's until I had heard it multiple times.  The video is really fun too.

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    I Need That Ooh

    The Picturebooks

    Once you get to know a little something about these guys, what they do takes on a whole new vibe. These guys are seriously hardcore about retro choppers, skateboarding and making music. This is to say that what you might originally think is a band of college town kids, is actually two badass retro-rockers.  If you like the song, I recommend you check out more here.

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    Taipei Person/Allah Tea

    I have now listened to the new Stone Sour album at least ten times through. The thing that struck me from the beginning is that this is an amazingly, unbelievably well-produced record.  People will try to copy the drum sounds on this album forever and the way rhythms and other instruments are stacked is just awesome.  This is the kind of song that makes you want to go out and by a giant stereo just so you can feel that power.

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