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Dear Lubbock Ex-Pat,

So you've escaped the "black hole" that's Lubbock for what I am assuming is either Austin, San Antonio, or someplace in Colorado. You've seen a bigger slice of the world, you've gained some wisdom, and now you think you're going to come home to our little town and teach us something we didn't already know. Honestly, I can't wait to hear it.

I'll happily drive you to the first Taco Villa or Rosa's we see. If you want to go in so you can absolutely take a bath in the salsa bar, let's do it. Let's swing by Ralph's Records and Star Comics and you'll remember that sometimes Lubbock gets it right, maybe even better than the big city.

Over by the university, it's kinda dead so I'll get to have Chimy's for the first time in a year, too. As we sip on impossibly strong margaritas the time will melt away in spite of the cold and remember that thing you did at that party? You were so wild back then. I can't believe we made it out alive sometimes.

They say your new city is weird, but your hometown is, at times, completely bizarre, and as our antics resurface we will realize that our individuality, our independence, and our untamed nature were forged in the crucible heated by the West Texas sun. Can you see any stars where you live now? As Lubbock gets bigger the stars fade, but it's a short drive to see them as big and bright as they ought to be in Texas.

Are you swept away by the sunset? Fiery pinks and inky purples spilled across an endless horizon will fill your heart to burst. As you soak that in, are you remembering a deep peace you haven't felt in some time? I could cry watching your face watching the sky.

Let's go to our favorite bar, we'll see many friends there and you'll trade your usual for a Chilton, I just know it. So many hugs, so many loud exclamations of Hellos and Howdys and How Long Are You In Town? It's boiling hot from the bodies and it feels as good as any fire. You'll realize that Lubbock is not a black hole, but the cradle which bore you. And that you've craved that comfort. A comfort that comes in abundance and has been waiting patiently for you.

I know you've got family to see, meals to eat, and errands to run. And I am willing to give you up, eventually.

Just please, sit a little spell with me.

Dedicated to my friends which have gone further home than I have yet to, but certainly will someday. 

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