Today, which marks the anniversary of 9/11, is a National Day Of Service And Remembrance and it's not too late to get involved.

"Community Service" can be any number of things and doing a little something on a Tuesday may be tough. If you can't pull some little forward-looking thing together for the day, then set a date when you will. There is any number of organizations who would like to have you out for a few hours, some of the more obvious suggestions being the Food Bank or an area animal shelter. We have also announced our own blood drive beginning on 9/24, maybe you can plan on joining us then. Just make today the day you book a day to serve.

I am also a big fan of pitching in in little ways that nobody may notice. Have you noticed a trashy area in your neighborhood or park? Why not go pick stuff up for bit? There's also your neighbors; maybe one needs something repaired or hauled off.

There are over 129 million adults in the U.S. and millions of capable teens too. Imagine if just a small percentage of people really chose to make an effort on this day.

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