Wow, I am still amazed that 2011 has already come and gone! We had a tone of awesome rock shows here in Lubbock and will have a ton more in the coming year.I have been able to attend so many shows in my life and each of them have been special to me in one way or another.

As music fans we all have our favorite bands and our "bucket list" of bands to see.

In 2011 the top 5 grossing shows were put on for millions of fans by these artists, are any of them on your "bucket list of bands" to see live?

5. Taylor Swift

4. Roger Waters

3. Take That ( here is a stat for ya, they did 29 shows in 2011 and everyone of them was sold out!)

2. Bon Jovi

And at number 1... U2

What are some of the bands on your "bucket list?"