We don't really know Santa's nationality. I guess he's North Pole-ian?

This brings up the question, what if Santa was from West Texas? What would change and what would be the same? More importantly, how would the Lubbock/West Texas experience be reflected in all of the things he does.

With that in mind, here are the top 9 changes to Christmas if Santa Claus was from Lubbock:

9. We'd decorate tumbleweeds instead of pine trees.

8. His sleigh would be pulled by eight magical prairie dogs (plus one with a shiny red nose).

7. No matter how times they'd ask, Texas Tech would never get a winning season for Christmas.

6. His toy bag would have a Double T on it.

5. Instead of getting a dusting of light snow on Xmas, everyone would just get a dusting of light dust.

4. Every time he was in a house for more than five minutes, someone would steal the car stereo out of his sleigh

3. Jaguars would start complaining about the guy tipping with gold coins.

2. Reagor-Dykes would get a lump of coal in their stocking.

1. His beard would be full of grass burrs.

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