Well, something certainly went wrong here.

A Wolfforth Allsups got quite the surprise when a truck accidentally dumped out at the place leaving a huge mess that required reinforcements to clean up. Just looking at the picture makes you go "Wha-oh!", but can you even imagine the stink of the hot garbage that's been riding around that truck on a hot West Texas Day (It hit 96 degrees that day).

Here's the story as it was told to me:

Apparently the two people in the Pic are the drivers. He went inside, while she stayed in the truck. Started to raise up he came running out with his hands up. She got out handed him the keys while shaking her head. Happened about 3,Apparently there was a crew with a portable crane cleaning it up around 6

Have you ever seen one of those situations where someone said, "Hey, what's this button do?" This may have been one of them. While we may never truly know the whole story, I think a lot of people right now are saying, "Sounds like something I'd do" (followed by a slow wah-wah from a trombone).

E. Egbert
E. Egbert

I have to be honest and positive here. Doesn't it look like if the truck had been pulled a little further under that awning that it might have destroyed it? A big mess is one thing, but at least from the looks of this picture, they had a close call to a much bigger problem.  Anyways, no harm, no foul, but I bet these people are still taking a lot of ribbing for losing their load in Wolfforth.

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