The weather has put a damper on this week in Lubbock, Texas. Lots of us are dealing with busted pipes under our sinks and water line problems. There was a leak at the apartment building next door to our office building and now the parking lot is an ice rink. Super fun...

A friend of mine noticed a pretty substantial water leak in the middle of the road on 26th and Ave U. He's concerned that it could be bad enough to cave in the entire street. I won't pretend to know anything about road construction, but it does look like it could cause some problems. He reported it, but so far, nobody has been out to check on it. I imagine the city is insanely busy with busted water lines right now.

Check it out below:

It's giving some bad vibes, for sure.

Hopefully, it's less of a problem than it seems and will be fixed soon, but you might want to avoid 26th and Ave U in the meantime. I've seen too many documentaries about sinkholes to chance it...

Make sure you report any water leaks like this you may come across in town to the City of Lubbock Water Utilities Dispatch by calling (806)775-2588. This is a 24-hour line, so don't hesitate, even if it's the middle of the night. Sometimes we all assume someone else is phoning in a problem and just drive by and forget about it. Take action when you can and help the city get things back in order.

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