A video shared on Facebook over the weekend shows what appear to be swarms of flying ants in the parking lot of Dollar General off of 82nd Street in Lubbock.

The footage captured by Lubbock local Chelsea Faz Reber is like something out of a movie about the end times and leaves you feeling slightly itchy.

A couple of comments on the post speculate that the influx of these little critters is likely due to mating season. Being that I'm no expert on ants, I took a look at an article by KCBD from back in 2011 that says Harvester ants can also be a problem in Lubbock directly after a rainstorm. If these are Harvester ants, they could be out and about because of recent weather.

Gafford Pest Control told KCBD that the water aids their reproductive cycle, and we've had a few storms lately. Harvester ants don't bite, but they can sting. The sting is painful, but it's not something to really worry about unless you have anaphylaxis to them. Needless to say, I wouldn't go making good pals with them.

According to Orkin, the mating swarms of harvester ants happen between June and October and are most typically after heavy rainfall, something we've had all day today. You may see some of the fun friends partying in your driveway any day now. Good luck, and if you do happen to have some crazy apocalyptic-type bug scenario happening at your house, submit your video to FMX. You can post it below or comment on our Facebook page.

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