An Instacart shopper on TikTok shared a video of what it looks like to shop for someone that orders over 100 items from the grocery store. As far as I know, there aren't any rules about how many items someone can have delivered to them, but for some reason, the delivery service employee seemed to be annoyed.

The shopper did not have to accept the order. They are given the choice of what orders they accept. She shared in a comment below her post that she was actually glad to accept it, given she was paid $87 to do the shopping. Why then complain on TikTok?

You never know who might be benefiting greatly from having their groceries delivered, especially when they are willing to WAY more cash to have someone else do the shopping. Ordering from home has become something that many people rely on, especially when many of us are doing our best to still stay socially distanced from others during the pandemic.

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Getting paid $87 to walk around and pick out someone else's groceries doesn't sound like a bad deal to me, but do you find yourself limiting the number of items you purchase when you buy online? Or do you just let it rip and get everything you need? The grocery orders I have made in recent times have been rather small, likely because I don't want to burden someone with walking around the store and searching for every little thing. Then again, they signed up to do that job. Is she just being whiney? Or should consumers try to make things easier for their grocery shoppers? Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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