Texas Tech University opened the doors to their brand-new basketball facility last April just across the street from the United Supermarket Arena. It is an amazing facility built for our men's and women's basketball teams not only to practice but also to rest and recover.

The facility cost over $32 million and you can tell that the money was put to good use. Sports Dissected recently posted a video touring and chatting about the stunning facility and all it has to offer. From a fully-equipped weight room to the lounge, every part of the building is impressive.

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They start with the men’s locker room, chatting about the boy’s shoe preferences and showing off all of their jersey variants. Then they move into the player’s lounge, where they show off the TVs the players play watch games on as well as the custom pool table and Pacman arcade machine. They also take a look at the film room where the team gathers to talk with their coaches.

Then they show off what everyone really cares about, the court and weight room. The court is equipped with everything the players need, including special equipment that tracks their shots. There is also a massive screen and sound system that the players can connect to and play whatever game or music they want. The weight room is also crazy with custom Texas Tech equipment, and a machine customized with a basketball to practice grip strength.

Of course, the recovery process is also incredibly important. They have everything the players might need for a quick recovery, like hot and cold tubs, cryotherapy, and more. There is also a full-time nutritionist on staff that helps keep the players well-fed and healthy.

It is an absolutely stunning facility that I’m sure the players thoroughly enjoy, and it has everything they need to help them become the best in the nation.

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