A Lubbock man was annoyed to find the bucket of KFC he ordered from Lubbock's North University location was less than savory.

The chicken was a total disaster. Something that nobody would be pleased with. When he asked for a refund for his food, he was told they had a new "no refund" policy. Simply asking for a refund actually ended with the restaurant calling the Lubbock Police Department, he said.

He gave 94.5 FMX a statement about his experience that honestly had us rolling, and that's probably because he happens to be local stand-up comedian, Sweat Chuckles.

Here's what he told us:

They called the laws and even the cops said hell no... They then told us it was a new policy passed 32 days ago that they could not give me my money back but they could remake the chicken... All of a sudden here comes the GM pulling into the parking lot with the 2 cooks... The skin on the chicken was melting like cotton candy in a kid's mouth... The chicken was so greasy that I had to crush tums in my hand because my fingers had heartburn. They refused to pay our money back and tried to file trespassing charges on us.

I'm still cracking up about his fingers having heartburn. Sweat Chuckles also pointed out that the restaurant floor was wet and dirty. Lord, have mercy.

But really, no refund? There's no way I would want the cook that made that food for me to make it again. Absolutely not.

Check out the gross video below. I'll warn you, there is some foul language, but hell, I'd be cussing up a storm, too.

Have you had problems at this location or any other restaurant in Lubbock? Let us know with a message on our app or on the 94.5 FMX Facebook page.

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