A Lubbock resident was seen driving in the wrong direction all the way down the eastbound on-ramp for Marsha Sharp Freeway at 19th and Quaker directly before this video was captured. The driver later pulled off the road after realizing their mistake.

A friend of mine snagged a video of them because they found the situation not only dangerous, but slightly humorous, since the roads on Wednesday weren't even bad yet and Lubbock drivers were already making huge mistakes.

"What have you done?" she exclaims twice, adding: "You fool!"

[video mp4="https://townsquare.media/site/157/files/2022/02/attachment-video-1643844694.mp4"][/video]

It's almost like some people completely forget what they're doing when even the smallest bit of bad weather hit our city. Early this morning, I saw a man in a black Jeep driving about 85 mph, not giving a flying f*** about the weather. It's people out there like that cause the rest of us to opt-out of driving on days like today.

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I can't tell you much more about the video, but I can remind you to be aware of your surroundings on days like today. Just because you may be the greatest driver in the world doesn't mean that your neighbor isn't playing Candy Crush in between watching TikTok videos while driving down the loop. Use caution, and just pretend like everyone else around you is a total moron. Chances are, they just might be.

We're glad nobody was injured during whatever the hell happened on the on-ramp to Marsha Sharp. Things could have gone much, much worse. Let's all stay safe today and try to keep our s*** together. Snuggle up to your kitties by the fire and get off the road.

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