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A former conservative Christian gave herself an "unbaptism" in an attempt to undo her original religious baptism and to declare herself free of "all ties to the Christian god."

TikTok user @redbirmoon.co's privacy settings on her original video, which can be seen on the right-hand side below, were changed to private at some point. Another TikTok user @peachprc used it for a duet video that has now been gaining attention and causing an absolute ruckus online.

She prepares a tub for herself and does the entire ceremony alone in the privacy of her home. Her actions inspired thousands of comments from people who were also seeking a ceremonious way to cut ties with their own religions.

TikTok users shared comments of different kinds of trauma they experienced while involved in organized religion that are incredibly heartbreaking to read and if you have a chance, you may want to scroll through them. Not everyone has a positive experience, in fact, some people feel downright lied to. I am, unfortunately, one of those people.

Here are a few of my favorite comments in support of the "unbaptism":

"Didn't expect to be crying at 1 am but it's a good cry. I'm here for this" - Scott

"I did one in the ocean this week and let the waves wash it all away..❤️" - Plucky Klutz

"You’re helping all of us with our religious trauma, thanks love " - SpottedFawn

"What a star! I wish her all the healing in the world" - Sarah

"as someone who is really passionate about their faith, I'm sorry to those who have been mistreated in the church and hope that you discover real love" - carliepollock

"I’m doing this immediately" - Shannon Deans

It has never occurred to me to have a ceremony to un-baptize myself. Maybe it could be therapeutic. Who knows? What do you think? Comment on our FMX Facebook page if this video struck a chord with you.

Check out the video below:

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