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We really are all over the place.

The RockShow has revamped or more appropriately reactivated its Twitter page and Chrissy is making inroads into TikTok, so we thought now would be a good time to let you know where you can find us.

We love your opinions on the Smoking Poll and pretty much anything we do. We also have kind of an "open mic" as far as The RockShow Confessional goes. I've even included my personal email here in case you feel like you need to reach out for some reason. Lastly, but not on the page, I've included links for The RockShow On Demand (our daily show without the music) and The RockShow Backstage (a podcast with a more relaxed feel and tons of cusswords).


The RockShow (Dumbass Of The Day, Daily Videos)

The RockShow Roadcrew (really behind the scenes questions and stuff)

KFMX's official Facebook page

Chrissy's Comedian Page (TikTok reposts, morning videos, comedy stuff)

Nessmaniacs (Positive, motivational, plus music and sharable stuff)

Wes & Heathen & Kelly & Chrissy's Personal Page & Humourtorium (Memes & Stuff)









KFMX Radio On-Demand (RockShow Daily & RockShow Backtage)

Apple Podcasts (RockShow Daily) (RockShow Backstage)

Google Podcasts (RockShow Backstage)

Spotify (RockShow Daily) (RockShow Backstage)

ListenNotes  (RockShow Daily) (Rockshow Backstage)

Phone Lines

Request Line 806-547-KFMX (5369)

The RockShow Confessional 806-319-5694(Leave a message any time of the day or night)


Wes Nessman

Loosely Associate Pages

Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Pets

Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Food

Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Plants

Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Tickets & Concert Memorabilia

Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Crafts

Uncomfortable Close-Ups Of Lubbock

Keep Lubbock Loud

Thank you guys for being a part of any or even none of this. We appreciate you spending time with The RockShow even if it's just for a couple of minutes on the radio.


13 Savage 'Visit Lubbock' Memes

7 Wacky Google Reviews of the Lubbock Police Department

There's a lot going on here.


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