It's the little things that drive me crazy.

I am more than ready for a new generation to take over the world. I kind of this the old(er) generations have gotten things in such a tangle that the slate needs to be wiped clean. Heck, I'm for a mandatory maximum voting age. I think once you hit 65 or so, you have no business telling people how to live their lives for the next 30 years. It's just time to sit down, gramps.

Let's get to the heart of the matter. We have had so many innovations in food that people are constantly trying to market things in innovative ways. One of those ways is when a restaurant asks you to "choose your protein." Seriously, what kind of baloney-double-speak is that? How about just "choose one," followed by chicken, beef or whatever else?

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This "choose your protein" thing started gaining a little traction over the last few years and I've quietly bitten my lip. Now, I just saw someone who took it further and said, "and then choose your starch." My brain nearly exploded.

The third thing the menu required was to choose your "veggies," but we all know if we let them get away with this protein and starch BS then before long it'll say, "choose your photosynthesis-based lifeform."

I'm going full-on cranky old guy here. If someone asks me to choose my protein and choose my starch, I'm going to choose to get some beef from a hamburger place on buns, and not starch protein holders.

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